The Improper Story-Teller….

Welcome!!!! There’s no amount of explanation marks or emojis that could express my excitement for this part of my journey. My name is Aijha, pronounced Asia, correct spelling is Ai’Jha but that’s a conversation for another day.

A couple of years ago I died and reemerged…. (I only died mentally that’s the dramatics in me I felt the need to introduce those early, please bear with me.). Ever since the rebirth of my soul the only thing I’ve been wanting to do is create. Writing was my first go to mostly poetry and adding elements to my mental thought…the scary thoughts that should never be said out loud. Yet here we are

I created this page, this blog to be my weird, colorful, fun place. I imagine this is what my mental looks like on paper…..well on digital ink (that’s what I call it when I type instead of writing with pen and paper…. once again dramatic I know).

My point being because I feel myself starting to ramble. I will leave my heart, sense of humor, tears, and fears here some times and I want everybody to join me with that…… (or stop by and see I’m on one and leave either way I understand lol)

I call myself the improper story-teller because I’ve always been this rebellious wild child that has a loud spirit, vibe, and soul. I’ve been misunderstood too many times to count and was often told the way I express myself is too much. So, I feel like I never learned how to tell a proper story or express my point of view. For a while talking was one of my biggest insecurities. I spend A LOT of time hiding that side of myself and not maturing her and for that I’ve apologized to myself but now this is my gift to her…..(her being me…. does this make any sense?)

We’ll just have to see but I LOVE interactions of any kind (mostly positive but hey express yourself) And if you’ve made it this far with my multiple side bar thoughts maybe we have more in common than you think.

(*insert hug here*) or whatever your preference is but I’m a hugger.

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