Trend Forward….Tread Forward Same Thing Right?!?!

Hello everyone this is day three of 2019. Everyone’s hopes are still high, and resolutions are starting to play out. I absolutely love New Years. It’s my favorite holiday outside of birthdays, (YES I see people’s birthdays as holidays.) To me the beginning of the year represents purity, freshness, it’s the ultimate representation of all things new. It doesn’t get any newer than New Year’s Day and I LOVE IT!!! But of course, I have this funny little game I like to play where I search the web to see trend predictions.

Now this use to be a very simple game because it use to only involve fashion, food, and alcoholic drinks…………but myyyyy has times changed. Now and days Everybody and I do mean EVERYBODY has trends predictions about EVERYTHING. I kid you not just about anything you can think of has a trend prediction behind it even posters. That’s right you read it, Syneos Health has a top ten for health trend posters and how can you blame them because again everybody is doing it.

I use to only be able to look in cute, high fashion magazines for my trend predictions but we’re in the digital world and trends are only a click away. I mean I’m not mad about it I like everything I want to know being a click away but one day I looked up and said, “Wait wtf is going on.” I had a weird Syfy moment when I looked around and technology and trends ruled the world.

I found myself on CNBC looking at the top trends cooperate boards should follow like Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proxy roundtables. I found a trend called Legislative Brands which encourages companies to express how much they disagree with what’s going on in the world to try and make it a better place (They credited Nike’s Kaepernick ad thank God for that happening last year). Even the American Psychological Association has a top 10 trends psychologist should look into and my mind was blown

Now, I realize that maybe these trend post has been here all along and what I pay attention to changes as I get older, but can all of these really be considered a trend? I looked up the definition and I guess technically it can be……who knew?

Needless to say, I got my fix of predictions for the year what started as a game turned into me doing hours of research and having multiple tabs open on my laptop. (A bottle of wine and box of Wheat Thins kept me motivated so I’m fine.) At the end of the day if you’re working in a field that depends on you keeping up with the millions of trend predictions then more power to you. But if you’re just a person existing in the world like I am remember to just be yourself trends are fun but not a necessity for survival. Good luck on crossing some of your goals off your to-do list……………. CHEERS TO 2K19!!!!!

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