From Ads to Advice, Hello Social Media

I had just started my morning routine. (By just started I mean that I had already snoozed my alarm twice and was still laying in bed checking my social media.) I never engage in it long in the morning a quick Instagram scroll, maybe a retweet on Twitter by then my alarm has gone off again letting me know to get moving for real this time.

I never expect much from social media a couple laughs and updates about family and friends but today I was presently surprised. I seen this tweet and at first I started to look over it and then I read it again.

blog tweet

I’m happy I checked myself enough to reread it because strangely enough its exactly what I needed to hear. (I read it, but I said it out loud, so I heard it too).  Its crazy to me how something so small could have such an impact. I mean don’t get me wrong that was a powerful statement but the fact that I’ve never considered that as a possibility blew my mind. The possibility that I don’t have to take responsibility for who or what people say I mean to them.

I wonder how many other people needs to know you have the right to say no. How sometimes its so hard to turn someone away that has put you on a pedestal but necessary for self to do so. How these people that you know to say no to are sometimes the people you love most, parents, children, etc.

Now maybe I am reading too far into this but that’s exactly how it hit me. Me personally I love being there for people, making sure everyone is ok and making the most out of life but what about the times that I put myself in uncomfortable positions to do so. (I now realize that’s my own fault, but I didn’t mind)

Now I’m not here to lecture anyone on life its just an observation I made about myself and maybe you can too. How many of us are navigating through life not aware of the fact that’s what we’re doing? I mean I could be rambling but the thought has been with me so why not express it here this is a safe place to overthink after all 😊




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