Age Vs. Education

Every time I walk into a classroom my stomach drops just a little bit. I think to myself “These are kids they have no idea they’re intimidating.” Not intimidating in a scary or threating way but in a “they have no idea how much time” they have way. See I’m a college student, a 27 year old college student, and the oldest person besides me in my class is maybe 22. See, my life up until this point has not been all rainbows and lollipops, but somehow I managed to piece it together enough to go back to school at almost 30.

The day I enrolled to FINALLY get a higher education I was excited and thrilled that it was really happening, I would be the first of my parents’ children to attain a college degree and nothing would keep me from it, and I swore by that. On the first day most teachers do introductions, names, majors, etc. and all of that was fine but when I heard a 21 year old say they feel like they’ve wasted so much time trying to figure out what they want to do it hit me.

For the first time something I seen as an accomplishment was an embarrassment. I had 6 years on that student what would they think of someone who’s almost 30? I wasn’t the model high school student, but I always wanted to go to college. I’ve made mistakes to get me to this point, but do I need to explain that to my whole class to be accepted?

I chose not to disclose my age to the other students just yet but to be their hype man (well women clearly). I wanted everybody to be overly happy about making it to this point because I didn’t get to. College is stressful especially if you don’t have a handle on life just yet. Imagine stressing to pass classes and exams but you don’t even know who you are yet or what you want to be. Then I realized that was my advantage. I may be late to the college party, but I know who I am and why I’m here.

I recently watched a speech the former First Lady Michelle Obama gave about the power of education. She stated that by the year 2020 most jobs and work fields would require some type of higher education, meaning that a high school diploma wasn’t enough. At that point I wasn’t afraid anymore I knew I made the right choice for my life. I then decided to do some further research. According to US News there’s a high percentage of students that enrolled into college at the age of 25 or older and that was in 2017.  Forbes even made a list for the best colleges adults 25 and up should attend. At that point I wasn’t afraid anymore.

I now announce who I am, my age, and what I want to be (mostly because I like the “you don’t look your age” compliments) I’ve accepted everything about myself and I know where I’m going in life. My age is no longer an embarrassment or something that needs to be overlooked. I’ve always heard the saying you’re never too old and now I believe and understand it. So now I say that to say this FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!!! Be the exact person you set yourself out to be. Overcome your fears and mistakes just to BE BETTER. As crazy as it sounds it’s never too late who knew (shrug)

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