A Big Ol Glass of Reset Please!…Hello 2020

Okay so let’s be real(Great Starter I Love your energy)I dropped the ball a lot last year. (it happens failures are still essential to growth)……(and YES if you’ve read any of my previous post you would know that I tend to have little conversations like this inside of my blogs that’s not changing THANK YOU LIZZIE McGUIRE!!!)

I started this website and got the idea of blogging from my teacher last year as past of an assignment. (I am currently entering my last semester of undergrad) I ended up loving it and decided that I would pursue this passion I had for writing long term with weekly blogs. Well clearly I was a bit over zealous, (or unorganized and unprepared for what the rest of the year had in store for me) and I didn’t get to achieve my goal of being an quote unquote “Blogger”. (which I became okay with instead of constantly beating myself down about it, because I knew when the time was right I would return to this cool little hobby of mines)

Fast Forward to now, it’s 2020 and I want to start over again and pursue ALL my passions I’ve abandoned last year. (perfecting my craft on air, podcasting, blogging, social media, ish of that nature) Now fun fact about me I LOVE NEW YEAR’S DAY!!!! It is my favorite holiday, always has been, because what’s better than the chance to start over? I know the stigmas and stereotypes that comes with new year resolutions and I DON’T CARE. I still make a list every year of where I want to be in years to come. (okay enough rambling here’s my point.) So I made a commitment to myself that I would start blogging again about topics that hit home for me and hopefully can help some of you as well.

A really big one that I struggled with a lot last year was my mental health. Now, I’ve come a LONG way on my spiritual journey and I hit a “comfort spot” for the first time (where everything within myself felt aligned and almost perfect) so I stopped doing all the practices I started that got me to my “comfort spotto begin with (completely forgetting that mental health like physical requires a LIFESTYLE change not just a temporary one) and started using that time to grind. Needless to say within a few months I came crashing down and I mean HARD! (my eating patterns had changed, I stopped meditating, I was easily triggered by my surroundings, and by the end of it I was so fearful of my potential and had major anxiety any time I had to leave the house.) This fall from grace was hard for me to accept because I “knew better” which in a way caused me to be in denial about how bad it had gotten. I also was in denial about the amount of work I would have to put back into myself to feel whole again. (it’s like I worked so hard to lose weight just to gain it all back again plus some) So I went “off the grid” just enough to regain some control to start over (I took time off from work, school, even my social life)

I’m still not 100% back but I feel SO MUCH better now than I did a few months, even weeks, ago and I want to get back into creating things (Create was one of my words for this year). I had some anxiety when I sat down and started typing today, but I know this is something I want to do and my anxiety comes from putting it off. SO, without further ado I would like to share some of the ways I got back on track and hopefully all my blogs this year won’t be as personal as this one lol.

  1. My Anxiety- I’m usually into natural remedies but my anxiety was so out of control that I talked to my doctor and she prescribed me a very low dose medicine that I could take ONLY when I felt like I couldn’t calm myself down called Hydroxyzine each pill is only 25 mg. I also downloaded the Calm app on my phone because I know natural noises (rain falling is my favorite) really calms me down. The app also helped me get back into meditation and staying focused.
  2. Sleeping at Night- Again because I had lost so much control I could never sleep through the night. I would sleep for like 3 hours, be up for 4, then try to go back to sleep again and by this time it’s 7 am. So I started using the sleep aid ZzzQuil (PLEASE READ THE DIRECTIONS AND MAKE SURE YOU CAN GET THE RECOMMENDED AMOUNT OF SLEEP BEFORE EACH USE.) Once I felt comfortable I stopped using it and I now either use the Calm app or I simply go on YouTube and play Tibetan bowls to help me fall asleep (I set a timer on my t.v. so it turns itself off)
  3. Eating Habits- starting a “diet” is hard (training yourself to be consistent is hard.) So the first thing I focused on was drinking lots and lots of water, meal prepping AT LEAST 1 meal a day(for me it was dinner) , and proper portion sizes. I also used a detox tea and drink apple cider vinegar tea (Bragg brand) before or with each meal ( it’s literally just hot water, 2 Tbsp. of apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, a orange peel, lemon juice, and ginger)

Well that’s all I have for now if you tuned in for this long 1. THANK YOU and 2. Another pro tip is to simply find out how to love yourself correctly UN-learn and allow yourself to be RE-taught. See y’all next week let’s have a AMAZING 2020.

-Much Love Aijha 🙂

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