About Me

Basic info- My name is Aijha Shay. My birthday is June 18th. My sun is Gemini, Moon is Virgo, and Rising is Leo. I’m VERY loud, goofy, outgoing, and social. I love hanging out with friends, family and meeting new people. I have a lot of siblings between both my parents I am 1 of 8, and I consider myself to be a middle child. I am a PROUD AUNT of 13 and a Proud Mother to 3 Beautiful plants for now.

I am a proud graduate of Lewis and Clark Community College. I majored in Mass Communication which is the school’s radio program. I am a Media & Radio On Air Personality, Future Author✒, Photographer📸, & Director🎥. I work really really hard I’ve been working 2 or more jobs since about 2013 and I actually love it. I love just about anything outdoors. Mediation Starts my day. Music gets me Through it,  Writing helps me Express it, and Photos let me Capture it.

feel free to follow me so Social Media:

Facebook- Aijha_Shay

 Instagram- Aijha_shay

     Twitter-    WhatAijhaSay

I love to travel- So far I’ve been to St. Thomas, New Orleans, San Diego, the Dominican Republic, Orlando, Puerto Rico, Houston, Las Vegas, and Grand Turk.

My Favorite Poem- is “Phenomenal Woman” by Dr. Maya Angelou