Artist Interviews

I had the honor of meeting and interviewing some really amazing people for an series I was doing about artist. I’ve been a huge fan of art in every aspect for as long as I could remember. So when I got the opportunity to put together a project I went out and found 5 different type of artist, picked their brains, and this was the outcome. Enjoy……


   1. Peter Hussey


Peter Hussey is a percussionist, music professor, and just an all around AMAZING human being. He has an reputation around campus as everyone’s favorite teacher and I realized why when I got the opportunity to take one of his courses. Music is his “Art” and here’s our interview…


2. Kas King


Kas is an self taught painter from East St. Louis who followed his heart, quit his job and became a full time artist. His work has been features in lots of different art shows in the St. Louis area. Here’s his interview about how he got started and what he still has to come. You can also check out his Instagram to see more of his work blakkbobbross


3. Farrah Salem


Farrah is a photographer/ activist/ art therapist from Kuwait. She ties a lot of her personal experiences as an Arabian woman into her work and showcases and has even done some performance photographer. Here’s her interview and you can check out her website to see more of her work Farrah Salem


4. Crystal Chan


Crystal Chan is author/compassion activist/ story teller I actually got to meet her (we had a touching moment that left me in tears) when she came to my college campus on a book tour promoting her book “All That I Can Fix”. Her personal story has a lot of  characteristics that I can relate to so I was excited to have hear from her again when she agreed to this interview. If you want more information about her or her books head over to her website Crystal Chan


5. Khristina Raglin


Khristina is an up and coming director/ actress currently enrolled at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. She’s starred in, directed, and even won awards for her performance some short films she got to be a part of. She’s so passionate about film and motivated to make her mark in the industry (definitely somebody to be looking out for) here’s our interview….

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